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New Orleans: February 25, 2018

“I just wanted to thank you for a fantastic meeting last weekend.  I’ve been to dozens of JCAHPO and OPS meetings and I found yours to be the most educational by far.  Every talk was informative and useful!  You are both amazing speakers with a knack for captivating the audience.  I usually find it difficult to stay focused by mid morning but I was attentive all day.”

Krista Peters, COA

Retina Surgical Associates

New Westminster, BC

EyeTeachU is an ophthalmic educational partnership between Denice Barsness, CRA, COMT, FOPS and Mark Maio, FOPS. Combined we have over seventy years of ophthalmic imaging experience. During the course of our careers in ophthalmology the role of the ophthalmic imager has shifted from that of a dedicated photographer to the ophthalmic technician. Along with the transition to digital imaging and the use of OCT for diagnosis and treatment, being a “photographer” is no longer a requirement to perform ophthalmic imaging.  

Our program, “Essentials for Ophthalmic Imaging”, is designed to provide the ophthalmic technician with the foundation necessary to perform fundus photography, fluorescein angiography and OCT as well as understand the principles behind the technology. We  also provide basic concepts to better understand ophthalmic anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and disease processes so the ophthalmic imager not only learns how to image the eye but also understands what information each imaging modality provides and why it is important. Our goal is to improve the skills of individuals performing ophthalmic imaging so they can capture the best images possible, thus enhancing their crucial role in the treatment and prognosis of patients.